Thursday, September 3, 2009

RIP Polo, a good dog

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Another long break. But felt like I needed to Blog.

My dear Rosa is sad. Polo died. He was a good dog. He was 12, which I guess counts as 84 doggie years. Bubba and I took him to the vet to get cremated. We eagerly await his return.
This is Rosa's first experience with the passing of a pet. Its been hard, but she's already recovering. (A strong woman our Rosa is.) The other dogs have acted a little weird since he passed on monday. Lexi, his daughter, wouldn't come into the bed room uninvited for the last couple of days. Polo was a fixture in that room, if Rosa was there he usually was too. Today she came in the room and went all the way around the other side of the bed, looking for Polo we think. Asia, the other dog ( or samoan wild boar, inside joke. ;-) ), doesn't seem to have even noticed yet. Time will heal the hurt, but I doubt he will ever be forgotten.

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