Monday, April 13, 2009



Bad Day

Well, today I lost my job. I begged for my job. But no. Couldn't even give me the chance to prove I can do the job. Who's crime is this? It is Craig Campbell's. His accompLices: Will and Jaime. (I'm not sure that's how Jaime spells her name, but I don't care. They couldn't spell my name right.) I'm sure they laughed about it. (LOL, we got rid of the stinky fat guy.) Never mind the fact that I was willing to do whatever they asked to keep my job. "Never give a sucker an even break." WC Fields. Never mind that I did my best to adapt to my job and never once asked them to accomodate me. They would've been legally required to under the ADA. I'd bother with hating them, but it takes too much energy. Almost three years, and it now counts for nothing. I was just in the last year or so begining to feel good about myself and the future again. They took it all away.